Icelotto Review

IceLotto Makes Playing the Lottery a Breeze!

Buying tickets from all parts of the world is now a lot simpler and convenient because of the increasing quantity of online ticketing agents present today.


But, this convenience brings more responsibility for online lottery players. Is the data we give these ticketing agents safe? Do we receive payment when we win? Without a doubt, the online ticketing agents offer a convenient chance to buy tickets and more.

Even though they are convenient, it is always vital to consider whether the platform you are using is reliable and safe. Today, IceLotto is among the most famous online ticketing agents.

About IceLotto

IceLotto presents an online lottery agent that offers players a chance to buy lottery tickets quickly and comfortably from home or anywhere so long as you have access to the internet.

You can use a smartphone also to purchase your tickets. One can buy tickets from any region of the world for important lottery games that are famous and view real lottery results.

Y&M Hans Management Ltd runs IceLotto. They are based in Limassol, Cyprus. It was launched officially in 2011. Their website and customer support operate 24/7, and you can access it in six diverse languages. IceLotto gives its members bonus and discount cash with each ticket purchase and give new members free tickets and loyalty plans also.

Great Features of IceLotto

You can purchase lottery tickets easily with IceLotto, and this attracts many lottery players to their service. They avail tickets for twelve lottery games that are among the biggest in the globe.

Their platform is trustworthy, and they give members generous rewards and bonuses. Icelotto website is easy to navigate. You get a chance to play for the most significant jackpot prize in the globe. You can quickly select the lottery you want to take part in, and after picking your numbers either through the quick pick or manually, you can instantly make arrangements to pay.

After payment of the ticket, IceLotto will send a scanned duplicate of the ticket to your account. Players are given instant updates on lotto draw results and odds-detector dashboard.

IceLotto also gives their members the benefits of referral returns, special group subscription, many rewards and permanent discounts.

You can claim and withdraw your prizes conveniently since IceLotto offers you different payment methods to select from. These procedures are carried out online without any hassles. If you experience any issues while utilizing their online services, their pleasant customer support staff is prepared to give their services.

Protecting Your Personal Information is vital

It is advisable to take extra precautions where money and providing personal data is concerned. Online lottery players need to be wary of scams that are common online and observe safety.

IceLotto is safe, and you have the guarantee of obtaining the winnings you have earned. This website offers a service of purchasing genuine lottery tickets through agents in many countries which enables you to take part in big lottery jackpots from throughout the globe.

Powerball and MegaMillions (US) are popular lotteries offered by IceLotto to their clients. They also purchase tickets for Italy’s SuperEnalotto and Spain’s LaPrimitiva. IceLotto is famous in Europe, and they also provide the integrated country lotteries like the popular EuroMillions and Europe’s EuroJackpot which was added recently.

You can play safely and securely at Icelotto. Your tickets are purchased and scanned to reassure you that all is well. In case you win, your account is refunded, and you can utilize your money to play more or cash them out.

Services offered by IceLotto

Icelotto provides a range of services. Among the most famous services are the yearly and monthly subscriptions to the lottery brand you like. It signifies that purchases your tickets two times each week for the particular drawing.

As usual, they then send you the scanned tickets. Therefore, it will not be necessary for you to struggle every time you want to purchase tickets. You can opt to join each draw of not just a single brand but many of them or even all.

Icelotto enables you to buy lottery tickets from any area of the globe. You do not need to travel to the specific county. If you are fed up of losing out on major Euro or American lottery games because of where you are located, you can have fun with international lotto games facilitated by IceLotto’s expert and reliable service.

With Icelotto, you can play lottery online from home. International messengers are used by this service to buy lotto game tickets, scan them and send a duplicate of the ticket to you. You are given access to all the ideal lotto jackpots from all over the world.

You can use IceLotto Effortlessly

Icelotto is engaging and fun. With the main task-bar, users can buy tickets, view results, assess account details or reach customer support with only a single click.

Security is Paramount at IceLotto

Icelotto is well-known for their integrity and reliability in the sector. Apart from the GeoTrust certification which is standard that is used to encrypt transactions, Icelotto includes many other protection layers to facilitate your privacy and safety.

McAfee and Norton protect this site, and it has ranked top on Webutation for secure browsing, safety, and antivirus protection.

Promos & IceLotto Specials

Icelotto offers VIP programs that are the most profitable in the sector. Personal account managers are available with each purchase made by players and they also obtain tickets discounts, winning back up to 10%. Also, with VIP status, players are eligible for even 12% discount apart from other promotions taking place.

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Purchasing tickets for lotto from IceLotto

Icelotto treats your payment data with the seriousness it deserves. In this regard, it only works with secure and reliable payment methods. To finance your account or for instant purchases, Icelotto accepts Skrill, MasterCard, Visa, iDeal as well as bank transfers.


An expert team of statisticians and mathematicians work with IceLotto to provide site players with data that will raise their odds of winning. IceLotto assesses the big official lotteries around the globe to optimize the ticket choices of their players.