Irish Lotto Winner Claimed That It is Scary to Win the Lottery Game

Based on the study, the ultimate dream of most of Irish is to own a home. However, some people think that it is a rubbish dream especially for those people who dream of winning the Irish Lotto. One question always popped out whenever there is a random conversation of friends on pub, café or even in the kitchen ‘What will you do in case you became one of the Irish Lotto winners?’ For the latest member of the Millionaire’s club, he initially felt an unmatched happiness, but fear started to set in. “€50 million can changed your entire life but thinking that it will changed your entire being is scary”, the winner stated.

Lotto winners Carol Loran and Kevin Geoghegan
Lotto winners Carol Loran and Kevin Geoghegan

How the Life of the Irish Lotto Winner Changed

The winner of the Irish Lotto was first reluctant to claim her winning prize. However, she kept an open communication with the officials of the lotto. The representatives have given her an ample time to recollect herself and comprehend this latest event on her life. She did not instantly welcome this change, aside from the fact that she is scared about her security; she is also alarmed how it can change them as a person and how the people that surround them can change.

The winner purchased her ticket at a lotto outlet at Beaumont. No additional information was given about the mother who won the lotto jackpot prize. The lotto winner said that they accomplished a lot of things in their life due to their winnings. They were able to construct their dream home, and they also placed a portion of their money on a time deposit account under the name of their kids. The experience was indeed life-changing, but the entire process can be challenging.

The millionaire mom also said that they made sure that their Irish Lotto winnings will not change them. They strive hard to retain a normal life. They said that even though they set-up a financial account for their kid, they did it under the condition that their kid should finish their college degree and develop their personal career. They also make sure that they will not entirely be involved in money-making procedures. They employ the service of an expert financial adviser who is taking care of their investments.

Their close family members and friends are aware that they won the Irish Lotto Results. While they do not necessarily hide the fact that they won, they do not also broadcast it. The best thing about this winning is that they no longer have to work for an extensive number of hours on their work just to pay for their monthly bills. She has more time now to help the kids complete their homework and spend some time with her husband. Their family relationship has become a lot stronger after winning the Irish Lotto Jackpot.

With no doubt, winning the Irish Lotto game can bring a lot of change into your life. However, you need to make sure that you will stay grounded and you will not allow money to change who you are.

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