Lottosend Review

Lottosend is a %100 legit and trustworthy online lotto service – learn more in the following review:

Every year thousands of people who love playing lottery games choose to play online through – why do they choose Lottosend? Because Lottosend is one of the best websites for online lottery games. On their website you can open an account and buy tickets to the best and biggest lottery games from around the world in a matter of minutes, and the best thing about Lottosend is that you win a prize or even the jackpot – you get payed in FULL, no fees and no strings attached!

You Too Can Play Online With Lottosend!


Winning Lottery Games With Lottosend

Lottosend features a total of 12 lotto games currenctly ans has posted on their website that many more are to come in the near future. Big and popular record breaking lotto games from America, Canada, Spain, Europe, Australia and South Africa are among the most popular games in the lotto world and Lottosend has them all. Lottosend is a messenger service, meaning that they will buy your tickets, scan them for you and upload the scans to your account, when you win a prize it is credited in full on your account and you can transfer the prize back to your bank account or through your credit card – easy as pie and also fun to play.

Who Can Play on

Anyone in the world! Just go to the website, choose your numbers and buy your tickets! Play any of the featured lottery games and have the chance to win prizes in the hundreds of millions no matter where you are playing from in the world. The cost of tickets on Lottosend does come with a fee though and will cost more than purchasing at a local gas station or supplier. For example a USA Powerball ticket which costs $1 in the USA at a gas station will cost between $3-$4 at Lottosend, yes this is 3 or 4 times more but you get a better price when purchasing a subscription and you also get to play in group syndicates. Also new and returning customers get CashBack options when buying tickets so all in all you will be paying a lot less than the $3-$4 per ticket if you choose to play and you will also get better chances of winning a jackpot. With jackpots of up to $1.6 billion and lots of fun to have on the way, it seems worth it to us!

Security and Reliability

When you choose your numbers and purchase a ticket you get a scan of the ticket with the exact numbers that you chose. The actual authentic ticket is purchased on your behalf and the transaction payed to Lottosend for the purchase of the ticket is SSL secured. Their services are %100 reliable and winnings are always payed on time and in full.

How Can You Be Sure That Lottosend Is Legit – Is It A Scam?

It is natural to be suspicious when it comes to online shopping, you will be using your credit card or maybe a wire transfer and you will probably want to make sure that nothing fishy is going on. Also we are talking about lotto here which is a kind of gambling and online gambling is notorious and full of stories of online fraud and scams. Well in this case you can rest assured, Lottosend is one of the most popular and trusted online lottery websites and supports over 100 new clients from all around the world each and every day and none of them have had any complaints! So you can rest assured that Lottosend is legit and is not a scam.


Playing lottery games should be fun and player safety plus quality customer service seems to be very important to Lottosend, the wide array of lotto games and no hidden fees along with the other bonuses and perks that Lottosend provide is what ultimately brings us to the conclusion that Lottosend is a highly recommended website for lottery ticket purchase online – if not even the best website out there on the web!