Western Sydney’s Unemployed Man Becomes Winner of $50 Million in Powerball Lottery

Western Sydney’s Unemployed Man Becomes Winner of $50 Million in Powerball Lottery

A jobless man from Western Sydney stated that on Thursday, he and his spouse were at home talking about their future plans when he got a phone call that would alter their lives.

Some days before this, the man, who is thirty something, purchased a ticket for the Australia Powerball draw online, for Thursday night. It was the initial time that he had done this and he did not truly think that there was any likelihood of winning.

Some minutes following the Powerball draw on Thursday night, he answered his phone and was informed that he was the only division one winner. He had become winner of the whole $50 prize!

The man, who preferred not to be identified, believed that someone was playing a joke.

‘Please stop saying that. Is this true? I might faint!’ remarked the man to the person calling, said NSW Lotteries.

‘What will I do now? Should I contact my mother? Should I give my wife a hug? What next?’

The magnitude of his fortune amazed him also. ‘I am not even aware of the number of zeros present in $50 million.’

According to the man, he had been jobless since last year ended and he and his spouse had just been discussing what step their struggling family would take next, prior to him getting the phone call.

‘We were simply seated there talking about what we would do next with our lives and action to take in future. This is simply a blessing, I have been buying tickets for the Oz Lotto raffle and Powerball lotto for many years but I never really thought that I would win!’ he stated.

When asked what he first thought he would do with the money he said that he truly desired to assist people.

He would distribute some to friends and family and also wished to start a restaurant to assist the needy.

‘I have a passion to start a restaurant and I will do this and offer 50% of the food to needy people for free.’

‘I do not require profits; however, there are students and homeless who are facing challenges, as well as needy people,’ he stated.