King City Resident Has All Reasons to Smile after Winning $50,000 from February 4, 2017, Ontario 49 Draw

Paul - Ontario 49 winner

Ontario 49

Paul McLorinan from King City is impressed after winning $50,000 from the February 4, 2017, Ontario 49 draw. “I feel extremely good after winning this amount, a $1 investment has made me one of the new tycoons in Ontario’’, Paul explained. Winning such a splendid amount came as a shock to him because he has been playing the game for decades without any success. “I didn’t believe my eyes, I had to rescan my ticket three times on the ticket checker to confirm my victory’’, Paul narrated. The amount confused Paul, he couldn’t even remember where he bought the ticket, so he retrieved his memories, and after like five minutes, he remembered where he had purchased the ticket, and so he headed there.

Daughter’s Wedding Gift Found

His daughter’s wedding was planned to happen this August, and he had no money to even buy her a gift. With this money, Paul wants to surprise his daughter by giving her the most precious gift he has even bought for her since she was born. “It’s a big amount to me, but before I decide on what to invest on, I have to show my daughter how much I love her”, Paul said after he was asked on which business he was planning to invest on with the Ontario49 money.

Shifting to a New Business Venture

“Besides the absolute relief and joy that has engulfed me, I feel it’s an opportunity to start new lucrative businesses that will yield satisfactory income” Paul revealed. Although he refused to reveal what he was doing for a living, his wife indicated that Paul was selling electronics and appliances in one of the Ontario municipalities. Ontario49 money authenticated his business goals, and now he has hopes that he will be among the richest people in Ontario. If all goes well, Paul will own a lot of startups in Ontario, and he will leave his peanut generating business.

Unbelievable Victory

“I always thought that I cannot control fate and luck, but I have come to realize that through persistence you can achieve even the most difficult things in life’’ Paul said after he was asked how long he has been playing Ontario49. He started playing the game in his early thirties. “I am 50 years old now, I have made my first win, but I started playing when I was in my early 30s” Paul narrated. Paul was shocked, he couldn’t believe that it was real, but after being given the cheque, he knew it was no longer a joke.

Keep Trying


Paul encouraged people that risking one dollar should not be a problem considering that there is a grand prize of $2 million. ‘You never know your fate and luck, keep trying and you might out to be the grand jackpot winner’’. Paul told the people who were gathered around. People can buy multiple tickets to enhance their winning chances. Ontario49 and other Canadian lotto games such as Lottario and Lotto 6/49 presents equal winning opportunities to all people of Ontario; it does not favor anyone meaning anyone can be a winner anytime. Start your way to that prestigious life you have been dreaming about, it only takes a $1.